Icon for not stealing at Hendersonville Metal Recyclers. When the economy goes South, the theft of recycleable materials goes up. To help reduce this illegal activity, Hendersonville Metal Recyclers works closely with law enforcement to detect and thwart the theft of recyclable materials. Attempting to sale stolen materials puts you at risk. You could loose your freedom.

Don't risk it!

  ISRI sign about theft at Hendersonville Metal Recyclers.


Effective Oct. 1, 2012, North Carolina House Bill #199 has mandated the following for all scrap metal yards in North Carolina:

  1. Checks only for copper, no cash.
  2. Only one cash transaction for nonferrous metals per customer per day.

The following will also be enforced:

  1. Requirement to record license plate make, model, and color of delivery vehicle.
  2. Requirement to make a photocopy, or digital scan, of NC or federally issued driver's license or ID card.
  3. Requirement to obtain a photo or video of seller with metals.


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Hendersonville Metal Recyclers, LLC
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